Welcome to our show: My name is Ron George and I am the Show's Executive Producer.

This year we are celebrating the fourteenth year anniversary of, “Christmas in My Home Town.”  From its debut, our show has become a
wonderful holiday tradition. A variety show fashioned after the holiday specials of TV’s early days, when stars were joined by their families in
a cozy front room setting. “We are trying to re-create what we remember from the Andy Williams Christmas programs, that feeling of being
invited into their home for a warm and cheerful holiday gathering”

Joining me onstage is,  Emily Cribb,  Zach & Aaron George,  Megan Hicks,  Brad & Debbie Andersohn, Jaina Benton, Madison Burton,
Johnathan Burton Jr. The Half & Half Band, Molly Rose Hendricksen, The Christmas in my Home Town Drumline, Kim Bosler, Chloe Angst,
Richard Lasslo, The Vaca High Choir  Directed by Ashley Parker. The Alamo School Chorus, Directed by Johnathan Burton,  The Cooper
School Chorus or as the kids like to call it "Cooper Comet Chorus", Directed by Kim Bosler.  

Planning for the show starts in July and from then until Showtime we are building sets, learning songs, adding new props to the show, and
always trying to outdo our last performance. From the beginning, Christmas in My Home Town has been a family affair. My wife Sharron
collects goodies all year to makes up all the Baskets that we raffle off, as part of our fundraising efforts. Our son Doug and his wife Julie,
along with our daughter Rhonda and her husband George, help with setting up and tearing down the set, as well as helping their mother  
prepare the food to feed the 300 plus cast members.

Our grandchildren Zach, Aaron, Megan, and our adopted Granddaughter Emily Cribb not only perform in every show they also work side by
side with us to bring the best show possible to our community. From the very first year, Christmas in My Home Town has been a labor of
Love for the entire cast and crew.

Helping to keep the School music programs in place for future generations, Is our passion!!!!!